Our Campground

Bathhouse Construction 2The property where Hanging Dog Creek Campground is located has been in our family for over thirty years.  While vacationing in the summer of 1973, our grandparents, Richard and Helen McPherson, stumbled onto the property and was immediately love-stricken by the serene nature and ambiance of the North Carolina mountains. Even then, as a wild and unprocessed plot of land, Richard and Helen knew in their hearts that it would be something very special. It became their dream to provide people with a place that was safe and peaceful and would provide a break from the stress of living everyday life.

Hanging Dog Creek Campground was, from the day it was purchased, a uniting labor of love from the family involved. Countless summers were spent together the first few years in an effort to clear out the property – wood from the clearing efforts was later used to build the bath house that still stands today, thirty years later. Admittedly, the adults did most of the work, as the children spent all of their time playing in the creek and harvesting rocks that would become a natural border around the trailer hook ups, and collecting the infamous treasures of “Fool’s Gold;” small chunks of pyrite, which resembles gold but is (unfortunately) not the real deal and worth very little. Still, the legitimate treasure to be held was the memory of these long summers being surrounded by family and building something so wonderful

Over thirty years later, Hanging Dog Creek Campground has remained true to Richard and Helen’s initial daydreams, serving as a place where those weary from the hustle and bustle of daily life can retreat to to regain a sense of calm and serenity. Our family, though having multiplied and become much larger, still enjoy gathering up in this property to reminisce about the good times growing up and the adventures and tales to be told. Moreover, the campground remains a cherished memory, one that we love so dearly.

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