Family Reunions and Large Groups

IMG_7969In today’s breakneck pace of living, the thought of spending quality time with loved ones becomes an all too distant memory. Staying “connected” by means of a social media frenzy, although convenient, leaves out the excitement and happiness over in-person meetings and lacks out on the personal connection of those meetups. That is why it is so crucial to continue to cement the bonds you hold with family members and participate in family reunions.<

By hosting a family reunion, one can reopen the bonds and rekindle relationships with those they love dearly, some of whom have even wiped your running nose and changed your dirty diapers. There is nothing better than to experience the warmth and enrichment being around your family can hold. Your family has been with you through every step of your life, through the greatest highs and the lowest lows. You have laughed and cried with these people and there is comfort in knowing you are surrounded by people that love you for who you are – not your monetary wealth or social status or personal achievements.

Hanging Dog Creek Campground understands the importance of returning to your family roots, whether in actual blood relatives or the friends you hold dearly – in fact, in the summer of 2012, the owners of HDC hosted their 5th annual family reunion to much joy and accord. We are equipped to handle the largest of families and still keep you close to others and involved in the “action.” This is a wonderful time for friends and family alike, and nothing would bring Hanging Dog Creek Campground more happiness than to host your next family reunion.

We also are proud to be the hosting grounds for various large group meetings – in years past, we have welcomed Boy & Girl Scouts of America, as well as Harley and Jeep groups. Though you may not share a genetic connection with these loved ones, your shared interests have linked you together and we are proud to assist you in meeting together for what will be a memorable trip.

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